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Elder Law Glossary


When an adult becomes incapacitated, Texas law provides for the appointment of a guardian to manage their personal needs and their financial affairs. Guardianships are always established by the court and are supervised by the court.

Medicaid Issues:

We assist clients in understanding the procedures and rules related to qualification for Medicaid benefits. Medicaid is a need based program that pays for some or all of nursing home care.

Miller Trusts:

A Miller Trust is a specific type of trust to deal with certain Medicaid issues. A Miller Trust is appropriate when an individual qualifies for Medicaid by having little or no assets but is above the allowed income limit. A Miller Trust allows the individual to receive Medicaid benefits even though they may be above the income limit.

Power of Attorney:

A Power of Attorney allows an individual to appoint an agent to deal with their financial affairs in order to avoid a court guardianship.